Saturday, December 19, 2009

Zero Foundation - Superfigs

It has been awhile since I sat down and painted any Superfigs. I felt a bit rusty but these turned out ok. Here is a picture of the complete team.

I enjoy taking pictures of my finished figures but I always encounter the same problem, other than a bad picture, and this is I always find things I need to fix. One of the figures I completely forgot to highlight!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

He tasks me! He tasks me, and I shall have him!

So I get an email from Robin challenging me to a small campaign as described in the latest White Dwarf. Something to the effect of playing the following games:

• Warhammer 40k Battle

• Battlefleet Gothic Battle

• Planet Strike Battle

• Apocalypse Battle

Then I get some additional emails and phone calls describing all this ‘progress’ he is making and how he will bury me in the E-ville Smack Down.

Of course, for all this talk all we see on his Blog is a poorly formatted picture of the newest Iron Man movie and some pictures of unpainted miniatures. Well, as we all know, I can put up pictures of unpainted stuff just as well as anyone else. So here:

From left to right: old 40K robot, Thudd Gun, Rapier, and Servators, 2 Steel Legion, plus three new Ogryns. Ignore the two painted units of Steel Legion in the background. We must not show progress with actual painted units.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Orky Goodness - Flak Wagon

My Orks needed more dakka so I added this:

Monday, November 16, 2009

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...There was only WAR!

I thought someone might enjoy seeing this. My sons had out my plastic Star Wars figures and had a battle over some 40k Imperial fortifications. These will become the walls in the siege of the Imperial Palace on Terra. As you can see, they need to be fixed up and painted the proper color.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Skaven Army Book

The thing that always has drawn me to Warhammer Fantasy has been the oddball contraptions various armies get. Chaos Dwarves, Orcs and Gobbs, and especially Skaven all had great war machines. With the release of the new Skaven book it seems like there are more great Skaven weapons of mutual destruction then ever before. I put a very quick review on the TMP:

As a continuation of that review, here is a list of characters and units one can look forward to in the new book:

Lord Skrolk
Thanquol & Boneripper
Ikit Claw
Throt The Unclean
Queek Headtaker
Vermin Lord
War Lord
Grey Seer with or without Screaming Bell

Deathmaster Snikch
Tretch Craventail
Warlock Engineer
Plague Priest with or without Plague Furnance
Clanrats with or without Weapon Teams
Night Runners
Giant Rats + Packmaster (Special Master Moulder or Skweel)
Rat Swarm

Gutter Runners
Rat Ogres + Packmasetr (Special Master Moulder or Skweel)
Plague Monks
Plague Censer Bearers
Warplock Jezzails
Poisoned Wind Globadiers

Hell Pit Abomination
Doom Wheel
Warp Lightning Cannon
Plagueclaw Catapult

Warhammer Fantasy & other Skaven terms ®, © Games Workshop, Ltd.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to normal, Almost

Ok, after PT, my back is getting better. I can actually sit and do stuff and walk and do stuff. Of course, I'm behind in my work so that takes priority. None-the-less, I have an interesting scratch build wet navy ship for 28mm. It is not finished as it will be a Nurgle Plague ship, but it was in perfect shape for my Dark Heresy game. The team had a mission on a feudal world which involved some combat at sea. Picture a small river steamer vs. a larger wooden galleon. The players were on the steamer with las-pistols and the galleon had a mortar. If I can get a camera, I’ll get some pictures.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bad Back


Life has been put on hold due to a back. Normally, all I need is a weekend's worth of rest and some stretches and I'm back to my self-sufficient self. Well, its been 3 weeks now of pain with multiple doctors visits and no relief in sight. Argh. I can plot vicious campaign elements for my Dark Heresy game but no painting has gotten done. As if I wasn't slow before. Double Argh...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

E-ville Slacker

I tried 3 times to get my E-ville neighbor, Robin, into a game this past week and not a bite. He at least had 3 different excuses!

Friday, August 21, 2009

2000.0 Pt - (CW) Israelites Army list

Check out the bottom of the right side bar for this army list. Clicking on a unit will show its stats.

Sea People

Here are some of my Sea People. These are a mixture of Old Glory, Newline, and Miniature Design Studio.

By Adam

Castaway Israelites

By Adam

More Newline Israelites

By Adam

Newline Designs Israelites

While practicing with the new camera, I took some pictures of the belatedly painted Israelites. These were originally slated to be painted for the now defunct Tale of 5.5 gamers project our group started. I did not paint these but they are well done so I thought I would share.

By Adam

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Valkyrie Part 3

Ok, so the highlights are too wide and too white, but, on the plus side, it does look like a flying tuxedo.

Then again, where is that black paint...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vendetta Part 2

As I make progress on my Valkyrie, amazingly I make progress on my Vendetta as well. :) To make my Valkyrie duel purpose I attached some rare earth magnets on the underside of the wings. I also epoxied some rare earth magnets to my weapon systems. I've included a picture of how I did this on a spare twin-linked lascannon from a Land Raider kit.

The lascannon is put together as normal for a Land Raider. After the glue is dry I just trim off the parts on both sides that attaches them to the side sponson. I also cut into the hydraulic to make room for the magnet. The magnet has to be recessed into the weapon system or they look like the hang down too low on the wings.

Valkyrie Flight Stand

I like the plastic post for the flight stand. I do not like the plastic base the post is supposed to stand on. It is rather flimsy, soft, and doesn't sit flat on the table. To fix this problem, I made use of spare CD ROM. I normally use these for paint pallets, but I've used them as bases before as well. Just a little two-part epoxy and I'm good to go.

Valkyrie Part 2

The contest with Robin is providing me with some incentive to keep plugging away at some of my projects. Finishing my Valkyrie is one such project I should make some progress on. I decided I want my Valkyrie to part of the Imperial Navy so it can have a color scheme somewhat different from my Steel Legion and allow me use it with my Vostroyans or Praetorians. But, since the Steel Legion will be my main I.G. force (and honestly who knows when I will get to my other I.G. projects) I do want it to fit color wise.

Well, I've been watching a good deal of Airwolf on RTV (was RNT) and I decided that I would use that color scheme. The black will tie in nicely with my Steel Legion, while the two-tone effect with the white really shows off the character of the model.

Of course I plan to call this ship Airwolf and my pilots will be named Hawke and Santini.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Outpost Malicious: Imperial Guard Garrison

To kill two Kroot with one stone, I am building my army and terrain for both the ‘Smack Down’ with Robin and the Dark Heresy game I will be starting in the fall. The garrison will be outfitted using forces contemporary to the current GW timeframe. Heresy era is so 31ist millennium. The background for the outpost starts as follows:

Outpost Malicious started as a small armor depot in the Calixis Sector of Segmentum Obscurus. Its role was increased to a prisoner hold facility after the destruction of St. Josmane’s Hope. Criminals from Cadian Imperial Guard units make a lay-over here before being sent to other penal planets. As of late, Outpost Malicious has had its role increased again with the arrival of members from Inquisitor Xenophon’s retinue. They have set up a small research station and housing facility in close proximity to the hold facility.

Penal Legion Squad Poll

I'm trying to figure out which way to go here for the Penal Legion Squad. Now I have Colonel Schaeffer's Last Chancers and these are an obvious choice. They are nice and unique models - very characterful. There is just something about them that doesn't seem to fit with my Steel Legion and I'm not inspired to paint them up. So I was also thinking of painting up some Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighters with orange pants and white teeshirts. I might even sculpt gas masks for them. To me this seems like it would be fun though it would take some skill to tie in the orange with the darker colors greens, blues, grays, and browns of my Steel Legion. Plus I'm not sure how good my gas masks would be.

So I've started a poll to answer this very important question. If you take the poll and answer other, I'd love it if you reply to this post with an alternative.

- Thanks

Monday, July 27, 2009

E-ville Smack Down - A challenge

I here by challenge my E-ville neighbor to an Imperial Guard duel to see who can build the coolest 2000 point Planetstrike Imperial Guard army. Suggested criteria would be:
  • Coolest Attacking Force
  • Coolest Defending Force
  • Coolest Fortifications
  • Best use of the word 'Coolest' in army description

The size of the Attacking and Defending forces would be limitted to 2000 points thought the size of whole army could be larger to account for differences in force makeup.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Steel Legion

To show that I am not a lazy slacker like Robin.(1) Here is a picture of some Steel Legion I am just starting to paint.

I had picked these up on eBay years ago. They were painted, but mostly just primed black with a quick dry brush and some details. The paint was not thick enough to worry about stripping.

I just have the base coat painted on for the boots, pants, and coat. I need to do some detailing, inking, and highlighting. Once that is done I will redo the base and spray on a protective coat.

1. I'm sure he spent all day goofing around with the tree in his backyard and spent the night working on his D&D campaign. The slacker.

Monday, July 20, 2009

More Later....

Coming to kill some of Robin's Orks.

Plus some pictures of Fort Flut Leistungsschalter.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gork or Mork on Earth

Initially this model was going to be my Warboss. But none of the Warbosses available seemed to suit this figure. I thought of Stompas, Dreadnaughts, and other Orky things but none seemed to fit. Then I decided, he could be a Demon or Gork or Mork! But which profile should I use? After reviewing all the choices in the Demon Codex I decided upon Ku'Gath. He only shows up in games of Apoc.

I built his gun from the barrel of a Baneblade. His club was meant to be an Orkyville Slugger but needs some work.

He is a Spawn action figure. I painted over all the flesh with a dark Ork green. I then put on the white over a crackle effect to show badly painted on make-up. It is peeling all over but the effect is better in person. The Joker from Batman The Dark Knight was inspiration for that.

Clown Ork Rides

Here is a Mini used as a Trukk for my clown Orks to ride in.

And a R.V. used as a Battlewagon for my Carny Orks to ride in.

They just need to be Orkified a little with a glyph and some guns added.

Ork Carnies

Here are 25 Rogue Trader era plastic Orks I have painted up as Ork Carnies. They feature white tee-shirts and blue jeans.

Clown Ork Pulsa Rocket

The basis for the my Pulsa Rocket comes from the rides at carnival.

Now all I need are Grots lining up for a ride as well as a Grot rider. My friend Robin suggested having a sign that reads, "All riders this short or shorter."

Assyrians - Notes

A quick history of the Assyrian photos I just posted. Late last summer I was trying to get our game group interested in doing Biblicals. Chad and I were really pumped for it. Adam was willing to paint, and Ray had tons of New Kingdom Egyptians. Robin wasn't so sure. So, to motivate Robin, I sat down one evening and painted a unit of Assyrians. I just wanted to show would could be done in a short amount of time. It took me less then three hours to paint what you see in the picture. That does not include cleaning and priming the models nor adding spears. Still, that is a hefty chuck of points for WAB.

I did not paint the chariot. That was a painted chariot I purchased from Robin who purchased it from Chad who purchased it from the Last Square. Why do I have it? Well the Biblical campaign died and I ended up buying all of Robin's Assyrians.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Clown Orks

Here are my Clown Orks. These were supposed to be a surprise at our last Apoc game but I couldn't make it.

These are simple conversions of the 2nd edition plastic Space Orks. For whatever reason, I just have a ton of these.

I would like to say these Orks are painted in a scheme that pays homage to the paint styles of the 90's. The paint schemes of the 90's were quite garish.

But in truth, a friend of mine really hates clowns and that was the best use I could think of for these Orks.

This last one is the Nob for this group.

I've got a Ring Master Ork that needs to be finished. Also finished are Carny Orks and Savage Performing Orks. Hope to get pictures of those soon along with the Mini Cruzer that these Clown Orks use as a Trukk.

BTW, I used the Dip Method on those Orks.

Skull Hammers

These Orkika Corp figures are almost complete.

These are old Forge World models from the 90s with tons of Ork bits put on them. How do I know they are Forge World? There is a big Forge World eagle and the words Forge World cast on the underside.

Ork Vehicles in Progress

Here are some vehicles in various stages of completion.

Nurgle Plague Tower

I started this last year but it got put aside. Since I was taking some pictures, I thought I would toss these online.
Yes, you do see some Tyranids and Romans in the background.

Next up for Nurgle will be some pictures old school demon vehicles and this finished off.

Internal Valkyrie Pictures

Here are some quick, if poor, internal shots of my Valkyrie.

Next Valkyrie Pictures will show the quick connects to turn it into a Vendetta.