Saturday, May 16, 2009

Clown Orks

Here are my Clown Orks. These were supposed to be a surprise at our last Apoc game but I couldn't make it.

These are simple conversions of the 2nd edition plastic Space Orks. For whatever reason, I just have a ton of these.

I would like to say these Orks are painted in a scheme that pays homage to the paint styles of the 90's. The paint schemes of the 90's were quite garish.

But in truth, a friend of mine really hates clowns and that was the best use I could think of for these Orks.

This last one is the Nob for this group.

I've got a Ring Master Ork that needs to be finished. Also finished are Carny Orks and Savage Performing Orks. Hope to get pictures of those soon along with the Mini Cruzer that these Clown Orks use as a Trukk.

BTW, I used the Dip Method on those Orks.


Anonymous said...

Best 3rd ed. clown orks I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Actually they are 2nd ed.