Friday, October 23, 2009

New Skaven Army Book

The thing that always has drawn me to Warhammer Fantasy has been the oddball contraptions various armies get. Chaos Dwarves, Orcs and Gobbs, and especially Skaven all had great war machines. With the release of the new Skaven book it seems like there are more great Skaven weapons of mutual destruction then ever before. I put a very quick review on the TMP:

As a continuation of that review, here is a list of characters and units one can look forward to in the new book:

Lord Skrolk
Thanquol & Boneripper
Ikit Claw
Throt The Unclean
Queek Headtaker
Vermin Lord
War Lord
Grey Seer with or without Screaming Bell

Deathmaster Snikch
Tretch Craventail
Warlock Engineer
Plague Priest with or without Plague Furnance
Clanrats with or without Weapon Teams
Night Runners
Giant Rats + Packmaster (Special Master Moulder or Skweel)
Rat Swarm

Gutter Runners
Rat Ogres + Packmasetr (Special Master Moulder or Skweel)
Plague Monks
Plague Censer Bearers
Warplock Jezzails
Poisoned Wind Globadiers

Hell Pit Abomination
Doom Wheel
Warp Lightning Cannon
Plagueclaw Catapult

Warhammer Fantasy & other Skaven terms ®, © Games Workshop, Ltd.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to normal, Almost

Ok, after PT, my back is getting better. I can actually sit and do stuff and walk and do stuff. Of course, I'm behind in my work so that takes priority. None-the-less, I have an interesting scratch build wet navy ship for 28mm. It is not finished as it will be a Nurgle Plague ship, but it was in perfect shape for my Dark Heresy game. The team had a mission on a feudal world which involved some combat at sea. Picture a small river steamer vs. a larger wooden galleon. The players were on the steamer with las-pistols and the galleon had a mortar. If I can get a camera, I’ll get some pictures.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bad Back


Life has been put on hold due to a back. Normally, all I need is a weekend's worth of rest and some stretches and I'm back to my self-sufficient self. Well, its been 3 weeks now of pain with multiple doctors visits and no relief in sight. Argh. I can plot vicious campaign elements for my Dark Heresy game but no painting has gotten done. As if I wasn't slow before. Double Argh...