Thursday, September 30, 2010

I finally got a game in last night.

And it was Starship Troopers. I forgot how much I like those rules. There are some issues with them, but over all they are a fun set. We decided we each need to go back and read them a bit more. It was quite some time since any of us played them. Towards the end, there was a good bit of rumbling about how fun it was and we need to play more. So, I’ll be pushing for a game in two weeks. There was even a mention of playing a campaign. That will be fun if it happens. When it comes to gamers, the mantra, “We need to play more,” is not always followed by actually playing more. (I’m as guilty as anyone.)

I’ve got a good number of Starship Troopers figures painted. Maybe I can get some pictures taken. I also found a box full of primed stuff. So I hopefully can get some painting in. Since I've moved house, I just haven't had time. Also, I should take the opportunity to get some paint on my Junk Town. That terrain will work well for Starship Troopers.