Thursday, July 29, 2010

State of my Hobby

We just closed on selling our house and have moved in to the new home. The whole process of moving house has been going on for quite some time. My time had been divided up into fixing the new house, fixing the old house, packing, and moving.

Now, I just need to continue to fix up the new house and unpack. Then I can tackle my wall of shame – hell, barn of shame - and sort through my entire lot of mixed up hobby stuff. I actually had a system at the old place and knew where everything was. I do not know anymore.

The fact that I can fill up an old tobacco barn with my hobby stuff is quite absurd. Granted, the boxes are not packed well, only half the stuff in the barn is mine, half of it is books and it only is over my head in a few places means it isn’t as bad as it sounds (yes it is.)

So, as soon as I can dig out my hobby workbench, I will post some project progress. Maybe a picture of the Barn of Shame would be good for posterity’s sake.