Friday, August 21, 2009

2000.0 Pt - (CW) Israelites Army list

Check out the bottom of the right side bar for this army list. Clicking on a unit will show its stats.

Sea People

Here are some of my Sea People. These are a mixture of Old Glory, Newline, and Miniature Design Studio.

By Adam

Castaway Israelites

By Adam

More Newline Israelites

By Adam

Newline Designs Israelites

While practicing with the new camera, I took some pictures of the belatedly painted Israelites. These were originally slated to be painted for the now defunct Tale of 5.5 gamers project our group started. I did not paint these but they are well done so I thought I would share.

By Adam

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Valkyrie Part 3

Ok, so the highlights are too wide and too white, but, on the plus side, it does look like a flying tuxedo.

Then again, where is that black paint...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vendetta Part 2

As I make progress on my Valkyrie, amazingly I make progress on my Vendetta as well. :) To make my Valkyrie duel purpose I attached some rare earth magnets on the underside of the wings. I also epoxied some rare earth magnets to my weapon systems. I've included a picture of how I did this on a spare twin-linked lascannon from a Land Raider kit.

The lascannon is put together as normal for a Land Raider. After the glue is dry I just trim off the parts on both sides that attaches them to the side sponson. I also cut into the hydraulic to make room for the magnet. The magnet has to be recessed into the weapon system or they look like the hang down too low on the wings.

Valkyrie Flight Stand

I like the plastic post for the flight stand. I do not like the plastic base the post is supposed to stand on. It is rather flimsy, soft, and doesn't sit flat on the table. To fix this problem, I made use of spare CD ROM. I normally use these for paint pallets, but I've used them as bases before as well. Just a little two-part epoxy and I'm good to go.

Valkyrie Part 2

The contest with Robin is providing me with some incentive to keep plugging away at some of my projects. Finishing my Valkyrie is one such project I should make some progress on. I decided I want my Valkyrie to part of the Imperial Navy so it can have a color scheme somewhat different from my Steel Legion and allow me use it with my Vostroyans or Praetorians. But, since the Steel Legion will be my main I.G. force (and honestly who knows when I will get to my other I.G. projects) I do want it to fit color wise.

Well, I've been watching a good deal of Airwolf on RTV (was RNT) and I decided that I would use that color scheme. The black will tie in nicely with my Steel Legion, while the two-tone effect with the white really shows off the character of the model.

Of course I plan to call this ship Airwolf and my pilots will be named Hawke and Santini.