Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Prepainted (Whole) Buildings for Mordheim

As I work getting ruined buildings put together, I thought, 'if need be, I can have a table with some of my pre-painted Medieval buildings on it.' It doesn't have the affect of a ruined city, and I need more small things to act as barricades and cover, but it doesn't like pretty nice. (For something that isn't a fully terrained board.)

The table area here is a bit more then 4x4. I took pictures from two of the sides. These are buildings I've been collecting for years going 10 years back. It seems like every year I'd go to Little Wars and come back with a building to two. I started with Pegasus buildings, then one year I got the EM4 inn and the next year or so I got the EM4 fortified farm stand. In that time, I had also picked up some MBA buildings here and there.

It ends up being an expensive if purchased all at once. I got a deal on most of these buildings and the purchases were spread out over a good deal of time. So the hit to the wallet was not too bad.