Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mordheim Game

The start of the Mordheim campaign is rapidly approaching and it still looks as if we will have a good number of players. As I stated before, I don't think we will have enough ruined buildings to play a strictly Mordheim game. So I've changed the theme a bit. I will include the Empire in Flames rules and set the game in the Border Princes. It will be centered around the city-state of Masserschloss. The campaign map is shown below.


After the Great War against Chaos, Magnus the Pious razed the remaining ruins of Mordheim, and had the name of Mordheim stricken from every history record available. This turned out to be a great disappoint for a number of warbands just recently arrived in the vicinity looking for loot. Most of those warbands returned to whatever nefarious occupation they previously held. But a determined few heard of rumors of a piece of the comet that had broke away and struck in the Border Princes region.

As the various warbands headed south they became aware of additional information and rumors.

The wayward comet piece broke up into an additional 6 pieces.
  • The largest of those fell on Konrad's Kote.
    • Konrad was a reluctant (but not THE) hero of the Empire. He founded his own community in the Border Princes region after a 'misunderstanding' with some Empire officials.
  • Another piece fell in the woods near Pendor Hill.
  • A third piece fell near Gryphon's Crag, an area village originally settled by a group from Tilea.
  • A forth piece fell in some desert ruins.
  • A fifth piece fell near the Empiresque town of Gunther's Foot.
  • A final piece fell in a ruined keep south east of Masserschloss.
In additional to Wyrdstone, rumors are heard of other equally valuable treasures and money making opportunities.
  • There may still be gold in the abandoned gold mine town of Goldstone.
  • A powerful artifact of Nagash is said to reside in the Bone Tower.
  • There is a bounty on some bandits residing in Quaterain.
  • Some cultists are operating a gem mine at a nearby volcano.
  • It is said there is a cache of magical weapons in some Dwarven Ruins.
  • There is a reward for the capture of some notorious mercenary captains who are currently attending the infamous Mercenary Court held every 4 years. This time, the court is being held in Dove's Landing.
Campaign Rules:

I plan on using the standard Mordheim rules with the additional rules from Empire in Flames. We will schedule a game once a month. That way people who miss the odd month will still be able to keep their warbands competitive. I will officiate over the games and in case of an odd number of players, play against the odd person out.  Most games will take place at the Wyrdstone locations. Those are the green skulls on the map. When I have to play a game, it will take place at one of the adventure sites, the red skulls on the map. Adventure site battles will be unique and allow players to gain 'treasures' unavailable any other way. Hopefully, every player will have an opportunity to play such a game.