Sunday, August 2, 2009

Valkyrie Part 2

The contest with Robin is providing me with some incentive to keep plugging away at some of my projects. Finishing my Valkyrie is one such project I should make some progress on. I decided I want my Valkyrie to part of the Imperial Navy so it can have a color scheme somewhat different from my Steel Legion and allow me use it with my Vostroyans or Praetorians. But, since the Steel Legion will be my main I.G. force (and honestly who knows when I will get to my other I.G. projects) I do want it to fit color wise.

Well, I've been watching a good deal of Airwolf on RTV (was RNT) and I decided that I would use that color scheme. The black will tie in nicely with my Steel Legion, while the two-tone effect with the white really shows off the character of the model.

Of course I plan to call this ship Airwolf and my pilots will be named Hawke and Santini.

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