Monday, May 18, 2009

Gork or Mork on Earth

Initially this model was going to be my Warboss. But none of the Warbosses available seemed to suit this figure. I thought of Stompas, Dreadnaughts, and other Orky things but none seemed to fit. Then I decided, he could be a Demon or Gork or Mork! But which profile should I use? After reviewing all the choices in the Demon Codex I decided upon Ku'Gath. He only shows up in games of Apoc.

I built his gun from the barrel of a Baneblade. His club was meant to be an Orkyville Slugger but needs some work.

He is a Spawn action figure. I painted over all the flesh with a dark Ork green. I then put on the white over a crackle effect to show badly painted on make-up. It is peeling all over but the effect is better in person. The Joker from Batman The Dark Knight was inspiration for that.

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