Monday, May 18, 2009

Gork or Mork on Earth

Initially this model was going to be my Warboss. But none of the Warbosses available seemed to suit this figure. I thought of Stompas, Dreadnaughts, and other Orky things but none seemed to fit. Then I decided, he could be a Demon or Gork or Mork! But which profile should I use? After reviewing all the choices in the Demon Codex I decided upon Ku'Gath. He only shows up in games of Apoc.

I built his gun from the barrel of a Baneblade. His club was meant to be an Orkyville Slugger but needs some work.

He is a Spawn action figure. I painted over all the flesh with a dark Ork green. I then put on the white over a crackle effect to show badly painted on make-up. It is peeling all over but the effect is better in person. The Joker from Batman The Dark Knight was inspiration for that.

Clown Ork Rides

Here is a Mini used as a Trukk for my clown Orks to ride in.

And a R.V. used as a Battlewagon for my Carny Orks to ride in.

They just need to be Orkified a little with a glyph and some guns added.

Ork Carnies

Here are 25 Rogue Trader era plastic Orks I have painted up as Ork Carnies. They feature white tee-shirts and blue jeans.

Clown Ork Pulsa Rocket

The basis for the my Pulsa Rocket comes from the rides at carnival.

Now all I need are Grots lining up for a ride as well as a Grot rider. My friend Robin suggested having a sign that reads, "All riders this short or shorter."

Assyrians - Notes

A quick history of the Assyrian photos I just posted. Late last summer I was trying to get our game group interested in doing Biblicals. Chad and I were really pumped for it. Adam was willing to paint, and Ray had tons of New Kingdom Egyptians. Robin wasn't so sure. So, to motivate Robin, I sat down one evening and painted a unit of Assyrians. I just wanted to show would could be done in a short amount of time. It took me less then three hours to paint what you see in the picture. That does not include cleaning and priming the models nor adding spears. Still, that is a hefty chuck of points for WAB.

I did not paint the chariot. That was a painted chariot I purchased from Robin who purchased it from Chad who purchased it from the Last Square. Why do I have it? Well the Biblical campaign died and I ended up buying all of Robin's Assyrians.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Clown Orks

Here are my Clown Orks. These were supposed to be a surprise at our last Apoc game but I couldn't make it.

These are simple conversions of the 2nd edition plastic Space Orks. For whatever reason, I just have a ton of these.

I would like to say these Orks are painted in a scheme that pays homage to the paint styles of the 90's. The paint schemes of the 90's were quite garish.

But in truth, a friend of mine really hates clowns and that was the best use I could think of for these Orks.

This last one is the Nob for this group.

I've got a Ring Master Ork that needs to be finished. Also finished are Carny Orks and Savage Performing Orks. Hope to get pictures of those soon along with the Mini Cruzer that these Clown Orks use as a Trukk.

BTW, I used the Dip Method on those Orks.

Skull Hammers

These Orkika Corp figures are almost complete.

These are old Forge World models from the 90s with tons of Ork bits put on them. How do I know they are Forge World? There is a big Forge World eagle and the words Forge World cast on the underside.

Ork Vehicles in Progress

Here are some vehicles in various stages of completion.

Nurgle Plague Tower

I started this last year but it got put aside. Since I was taking some pictures, I thought I would toss these online.
Yes, you do see some Tyranids and Romans in the background.

Next up for Nurgle will be some pictures old school demon vehicles and this finished off.

Internal Valkyrie Pictures

Here are some quick, if poor, internal shots of my Valkyrie.

Next Valkyrie Pictures will show the quick connects to turn it into a Vendetta.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I couldn't take a good picture if I paid someone to do it for me.......

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Did I say Valkyrie? Thanks to some extra twin-linked lascannons from an old Land Raider Crusader kit and some rare earth magnets I built a Vendetta as well. I've only finished one wing so I can show how easy this process is.


I stopped by the Last Square the other day and picked up a Valkyrie. Now I had not planned on buying one right away. I was going to wait. But I could not resist the pull. And since it is such a neat model I had to start building it right away. But I quickly hit a snag. Did I want to paint the interior or not? Well, I did. I like it when the model's interior is painted but that would slow down the building process. I need to paint the interior before the model is built. For me it is too hard otherwise. And if I paint it, I would also be required to prime the model as well, or would I?

I use Plastic Weld to build my models. It is stronger then super type glue for plastics but doesn't work as well if the model is primed before assembly. So I didn't want to prime, but I did want a painted interior. Then it struck me. It would be perfectly feasible to have a grey interior so I could just paint the buttons, knobs, gauges, and displays.

How did I go about this, well first I picked out a pallet of bright colors – blue, green, red, white, and yellow. I then just painted these randomly on the various items on one side and mirrored those colors on the opposite side. This was pretty easy and fast, the only slow part was putting down a dab of white paint on the items I intended to be yellow. I finished up the process by painting the grating black and dry brushing it over with a steel color – chainmail steel I believe.

Had I been thinking I would have taken some pictures of the process but I will take some before I finish up painting the Valkyrie.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just a quite note, We had a family tragedy earlier in March. I don’t want to go into details, this site is supposed to be fun, but I had planned a large number of updates and missed some messages. Hopefully I will get it all up soon.

In the meantime, whenever I go to

my browser immediately jumps to Google and tells me that


can not be found. I can’t figure out why.