Monday, August 4, 2008

A Tale of 5.5 Gamers Part II

We will be playing some of our Tale games on our regular game night. Not everyone in our group wants to buy or paint a ton of new figures. But they still want to play. So Chad and Tom will be working on extra units for the New Kingdom Egyptians loaner army. Others also already have painted units for their army. They will be allowed to use those as well.

But, what we are doing is as much about building up a cool new army as playing. So, as an incentive for people to start painting new figures, people who do paint up a batch of 500 points each month will get a bonus to their army for game.

Month 1: Free Army General
Month 2: Free 50 point unit of Allies
Month 3-4: To be determined

Also, part of the fun of Tale is reading about the process people make when building an army and seeing it come together. To that end, everybody who writes reports will get one unit of 12 skirmishers painted for them at the end of the tale series.

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