Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blood Bowl Humans

I've taken some stuff off my workbench to give myself some more room for my Hittites. In this case, it is my converted GW Blood Bowl team. They are called the Averland Avengers. The team is an old one, but I was touching them up after noticing some damage.

First up are the linemen:

These are converted Empire spearmen from the single pose unit days.

Next up are the Catchers and Blitzers:

The Catchers are from the multi-pose empire troops that came out in the 90's. The Blitzers are some extra Old Glory ren. pikemen I had sitting around.

Finally, I've got my two passers:

The Passer without the ball is another 90's spearmen. The other Passer is made from the Empire General that came with the 6th ed. Warhammer Fantasy Set.

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