Thursday, August 7, 2008

5.5 Hittites - The First 500 Points Part II

I need to make a small change to my 500 point army. Why? Here is the skinnie: I own WAB 1.0. The rest of the guys have 1.5. There isn't much a difference between the two, but 1.5 does include an errata, some additional army lists, and rules for 500 point games. Since that is what we are going to game wise for the first month it makes sense to use those rules. The problem is, my army is illegal with those rules. I have have 6 light chariots (two units of 3) and I am only allowed 3 light chariots total.

So, to fix that, I will be dropping the 3 3-man chariots and including a unit 12 Lukka. I will also be upgrading one of chariot warriors to a field commander for free due to the changed incentives.

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