Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hittite Scale Comparision

Here is a comparison of figures I plan to use for my Hittites and their Allies. Click on the image for a better view. The picture is crooked because of less then skillful use of a camera. The scale card in back is not angeled and all the bases are of equal height. The measurements on the card start from the top of the bases.

For the Hittites, New Line Designs, Miniature Design Studio (MDS), and Old Glory are all of similiar size. Now I generally like O.G. but the New Line and MDS figures are generally nicer. O.G. spearmen are ok, as seen in the picture, but the O.G. archers and slingers are about half as good as the O.G. spearmen and are not shown.

Both the New Line and MDS Hittites are great. What is even better is that style wise they are also close, but their outfits are different. This means I can get the 'varied look of empire' I want for the Hittites.

On to the allies, the Wargames Foundry biblical is nice, but starts to look small compared to everybody else. Both the New Line and Castaway arts figures are both very good and scale well together. These will make good allies but I will be limitting them to chariot troops in the Hittite army. I included them here as it is useful for the scale comparision.

For allied infantry I will be going with Lukka and Pheonicians. Again, the MDS Sea People figure is nice. The O.G. Sea Peoples figure is also not to bad and is only slightly taller. The only problem is the O.G. figure hit the gym more. They will still both make an appearence in my force. I will use the O.G. Sea People figures for Lukka and the MDS Sea People figures for Pheonicians.

As soon as I finish building them, I will do a similiar review with chariots.

Manufacturers Websites
Castaway Arts
Miniature Design Studio
Newline Designs
Old Glory
Wargames Foundry

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El Grego said...

Thank you! Side by side comparisons are extremely useful.