Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Tale of 5.5 Gamers

Games Workshop had a great series of articles in their White Dwarf magazine about 10 years ago call A Tale of Four Gamers. It followed four gamers as the built, painted, and played with a new Warhammer Fantasy army 1. They started these armies from scratch and slowly built them up over several months. Each month the had a budget and could not spend more then that budget on new figures. They then had to paint those figures for battles played at the end of the month. Figures that didn't get painted did not fight. It was all great fun to read and very inspiring. So much so, 10 years later a group of friends and I are doing the same thing with historical miniatures 2. We are using the following criteria for this:

  • Rules: Warhammer Ancient Battles

  • Period: Biblical - Chariot Wars Supplement

  • Monthly Budget - 500 points of figures

  • Players and Factions

    • Chad - Mycenaean Greeks

    • Ray - New Kingdom Egyptians

    • Robin - Assyrians

    • Adam - Israelites

    • Tom - Hittites

    • Mike - NKE loaned from other collections 3

Though planned for a little while, this formally starts in August. Next up, hopefully, will be reports from each of the players on their plans and progress.

1 Look at the August 08 issue of the White Dwarf for the latest Tale of Four Gamers.
2 For another Historical Tale of Four Gamers check out here.
3 Hence 5.5 gamers

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