Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I stopped by the Last Square the other day and picked up a Valkyrie. Now I had not planned on buying one right away. I was going to wait. But I could not resist the pull. And since it is such a neat model I had to start building it right away. But I quickly hit a snag. Did I want to paint the interior or not? Well, I did. I like it when the model's interior is painted but that would slow down the building process. I need to paint the interior before the model is built. For me it is too hard otherwise. And if I paint it, I would also be required to prime the model as well, or would I?

I use Plastic Weld to build my models. It is stronger then super type glue for plastics but doesn't work as well if the model is primed before assembly. So I didn't want to prime, but I did want a painted interior. Then it struck me. It would be perfectly feasible to have a grey interior so I could just paint the buttons, knobs, gauges, and displays.

How did I go about this, well first I picked out a pallet of bright colors – blue, green, red, white, and yellow. I then just painted these randomly on the various items on one side and mirrored those colors on the opposite side. This was pretty easy and fast, the only slow part was putting down a dab of white paint on the items I intended to be yellow. I finished up the process by painting the grating black and dry brushing it over with a steel color – chainmail steel I believe.

Had I been thinking I would have taken some pictures of the process but I will take some before I finish up painting the Valkyrie.

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twhitty said...

Once built, the interior is quite dark, but the painted items really jump out at you. It is a nice effect over all.

Just 10 minutes of extra work and one can really bring life to a model with this technique.