Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My labors and those of the Gods.

So with the flurry of posts, one might think I'm quite busy with hobby stuff. That is not quite true. Mordheim is a once a month fight fest. Since I can keep my tables set up, there is very little work I need to do for it. Outside of touching up my warband that is. Additionally, my Harryhausen game is scheduled for 2013, Mayans be damned. (For it, I'm thinking of using Labors of the Gods. It is a Super System ruleset.) So I can work on it in small batches at an enjoyable pace. And since I have work benches set up for the boys, they can work on their projects right along side of me - family time and hobby time.

The fact is, I have very little free time. My priorities right now are my three jobs and my family. I missed out on a good deal of my friend Steve's Warhammer Fantasy RPG game. Though luckily, I made it to the finale. It also looks like I will miss out on the start of my friend Heather's RPG game, which is a very big bummer.

Still, it comes down to effective management of time and resources. I think by the end of the month I'll have some new processes in place which will make working the three jobs easier. And maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll be able to get back to RPGing.

Now to one of my more interesting labors, I'm building a treefort for the kids. Why is this here? Well, the treefort hardware and tools have been cluttering up my hobby workbench for months. So there! :)

I'm minimizing the impact to the tree as much as possible. Most of the weight will be held up by the 4x4s I'll be using. The fort is designed to shift with wind and frost heaves and not constrict the tree's growth. I'm guessing I'll have to tighten down bolts every spring.

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