Friday, August 24, 2012

More Tree Fort

I did get a gangster game in and I do have some pictures. But the tree fort is still taking up what free time I currently have.

Not much progress. I broke a lag bolt earlier this year and I stopped out of frustration. I started back up recently. I had to disassemble and reassemble the tree fort before making further progress. My next step is to make a solid and safe railing for up above and adding an additional deck below. The below deck will help prevent any racking of the tree fort. It will also be a place for us adults to hang out.
I have also had additional trouble with misshapen and twisted boards. A good deal of the wood is unused treated wood from much older projects. A good deal of them are more crooked then my back. Three of the 4x4s had a 45 degree twist from top to bottom. That makes it tough to have nice square corners. It also isn't square on the diagonals. This means the platform is in the shape of a rhombus* instead of a square. It is off by only a half inch, but it vexes me. Still, nobody has noticed yet.

*That is the first time I  used word rhombus outside of school.

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