Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mordheim Campaign

We have gotten a number of games in for our Mordheim Campaign. We have 6+ regulars plus some others we will continue to try and rope in. I have enough tables set up to support 12 people if the stars ever align right. I have two 8' tables that each can be broken up into two 4'x4' tables. I have have two additional 4'x4' tables as well.

Swamp Board

This was a fun board to put together. All the blue area is difficult terrain, the green areas and boardwalks are normal terrain. Models can cross over and under bridges and platforms. 

Ruins 4'x4' Half 1

Ruins 4'x4' Half 2

Fortified Farm

City Section

Both the 8' boards are contiguous terrain boards. There is a river that runs down the middle of each separating the two playing fields for Mordheim games. But, the terrain on the boards were set up so they can easily be used as 1 8'x4' board for larger games.

We will be having a larger game come May.

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