Saturday, April 10, 2010

Attack on Bree

Not really a canon battle, but here are some pictures of the setup for an attack on Bree. It gives me a reason to put some two level Tudor style houses with my hobbit houses. The story line goes as such; Some elves heading west to leave Middle Earth discover some wandering orcs and a Troll heading towards Bree. The elves decide to intercept them on the outskirts of one of the outlying settlements near Bree.

The Approach towards town.

Orcs pour over bridge.

View of Battle from Town.

Shouldn't that troll be in Mordor?

Elves await orcs.
Customized GW trees.
GW Hill.
GW multi-part hill.
GW multi-part hill and GF9 river.
Customized MBA hobbit house.


twhitty said...

I will try and update these pictures with brighter ones.

MiniatureWargaming Editor said...

What are the manufacturers of your Hobbit holes. I see the modified MBA, but don't recognize the others ...

twhitty said...

The house in this picture was marketed as Forgeworld.

The other two were made by Elso.