Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Junk Town Part 2 - 2 Multi-Stall Market Buildings

I was able to finish off two of the larger buildings I had going yesterday at lunch. This was mostly thanks to this blog entry here: . After reading that, I realized that most of the progress I had made in the last couple of months was actually done at lunch. And now I had stopped even do that. So yesterday I finished up what you see below:

Now I ended up mixing in some non-junk for the roofs on these. I had some textured plasti-card laying about for an old project that wasn't being used. Of course, it is still mostly build from scrape pieces of foam-core, broken up floppy disks, and cardboard. So they are still mostly pieces of junk.

As is, I can fill up a 4x4 section of table top that is useful for a game. That means it is not nearly as crowed as a real shanty town but has enough open spaces to move figures around. Plus it will allow a wargamer's sausage fingers in as well. Next up will be modular space-bar. It will be rather larger to allow for combats inside. That will be followed by the Market Authority Building. The MAB building will have a more substantial look to it but still be ‘junky.’ I hope to follow that up with some smaller buildings that match the style of the above pictured market stalls. And, if I am still motivated I have ‘junk’ set aside for housing blocks on the table’s edges, a last market stall built into the engine wreckage, and small detail piles of junk.

Once everything is build, I will start painting.

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