Friday, April 9, 2010

GW War of the Ring: Battlehosts

I got a chance to look at War of the Ring: Battlehosts. It is a nice expansion for War of the Ring though I didn’t see if it addressed some of the issues people have with WotR. I don’t think it does, but I may have missed it.

What it does do is give you special formations (or battle hosts) made up of specific formations and characters from WotR. By building them this way and playing an extra cost for the special formation the player gets access to special rules for that formation. Additionally, there are more Fortunes and Fates one may purchase for their force.

Each of the factions from WotR has some battle hosts associated with them. Some have more than others. Here are some numbers

Gondor: 9
Rohan: 4
Elven Kingdoms: 4
Dwarf Holds: 2
Forgotten Kingdoms: 2
Mordor: 9
Isendgard: 6
Misty Mountains: 2
Fallen Realms: 8
Angmar: 3

Not having played with any of these formations yet, I will not comment on their effectiveness. But they seem to be fun and nicely themed. I also think they make a nice guide for collecting the figures even if you don’t put them on the table as a Battlehost.

As always, the book is filled with great pictures and I find myself getting motivated to paint up some more LotR figures. People who do not play WotR may not find this book all that useful, but those that do will find it a nice little product.

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