Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play

Our Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (WFRP) campaign just started. What could be better then starting on a sinking ship? Well, doing so while pirates and Dark Elves battle each other for one. We did spend most of our time rolling up characters but by end of the campaign I am sure we will have that mastered. If you are interested in WFRP one can find out more here. Of course, if one is smart, they will do as my character does:



twhitty said...
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twhitty said...

Oh, that campaign ended badly. My character did not run fast enough.

Final death talley:

Chad: 2(2)
Seth: 3(1)
Adam: 0(2)*
Tom: 0
Ray: 0
Moop: 1
Robin's WHFRP Campaign: 1

Last Adam's character was seen was when he was in a burning building. He was surrounded by greek fire.

Ray, Tom, and Seth's characters where locked up in the hands of the Sigmarites.

It is hard to tell who broke whom. Did Robin, the GM, break the players with Survivor Tilia? Did the players break Robin with their less then stellar roleplay? Maybe it was just mutually assured destruction. However it came about, the Campaign is dead.