Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Children of the Hydra

These are part of a new project for a game I will be running next year. It is a Ray Harryhausen RPG and skirmish game. So it will have Classical Era Greeks* fighting mythological beasts. I'll be using miniatures from a whole lot of sources. Below are pictures of the Children of the Hydra from The Foundry.

Since it has been awhile since I painted anything in volume, I thought I'd start with the easier figures.

*Greeks of the Trojan war era might be more approprate for a pure Greek mythological game. But that is not the game I'm doing.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this game let me know what I can do to help it get played. Grot Train robbery 2 and car wars are in the plans as well for 2013!

twhitty said...

I plan on celebrating surviving the end of the world (and sale of the golf course) with lots of gaming in 2013.

And if only one of those can happen, I hope at least the course gets sold.