Monday, June 6, 2011

The Grot Train Robbery

I've been gaming a good deal lately (for me) with a mostly Grot force in 40k. A month or so ago, I came across this: I thought, that is pretty cool, I should do that. And, as it happens, I've got an old, broken down O scale train. But what would I do it with? Well, it could make an appearance in a 40k Apocalypse game. Or I could do an Old West style train robbery! And with Grots on the brain, I thought, what would be more entertaining then having Grots rob the train.

So I started working on a scenario. I wanted this to be a large scenario and I wanted a lot of players. At first I was going to have some players be Imperials and some players be Grots. I would be the judge. After working through some permutations I just couldn't come up with good force divisions. And having players working directly against each other in such a way would naturally push things towards the more serious scale of gaming. For this game, I want hijinks! So, after much deliberation, I decide to make all the players be Grots and I would run the train.

Background: The battle takes place on Armageddon after the main engagements of The Third War for Armageddon. After Ghazghkull Thraka left Armageddon for the second time and the Ork lines where pushed back, a good number of Grots were left behind Imperial lines. Those Grots, disenchanted with inept Ork leadership, formed up their own warband. This happened much in the same way as it did on Angelis. But unlike on Angelis, there is no single strong Grot to unite them.

It was decided that a contest would be held to determine which Grot should lead. Had these been Orks, they would have started beating on each other then and there. The last one standing would have been made the Warboss. Being weak, Grots prize cunning and back stabbing over strength. A different method was needed. Instead, they came up with the idea of robbing an Imperial ammunition train. As one was just rumbling by, this was rather convenient.

Picture a bunch of Grots sitting around arguing about how to choose a leader when an Imperial Train comes rumbling by. A grot named Snotnose proclaims, "The one that steals the most from that winz."

Snotnose jumps up, gathers his lackies, gets in his trukk, and drives off after the train. Quickly follow by the rest.

Objective: Steal ammunition from Imperial Train.

Forces: Each player starts with a trukk filled with band of 10 Grots. After that band of Grots dies, the player will get a new band of slightly more clever grots. A player may be a Grot at heart and be in need of a third band Grots. If all players are on their second set, they will get an even more clever band of grots. If not, something along the lines of some snotlings tied to the front of a rocket might be available.

Game End: When the Imperial Train leaves the board.

Victory Condition: The Grot with the most ammunition from the train wins.

Rules: Basic 40k rules with the following exceptions: The turn sequence has been modified to have the following phases: move, shoot, action. All players are active each phase and actions in a phase are simultaneous. In the action phase a grot can do a charge/board plus one of the following: inspect crate, toss crate, catch crate, and close combat. A ballistic skill roll is required to both throw and catch a crate. A failed throw roll means the crate is lost. Additional grots may attempt to catch a crate missed by other grots with -1 on the catch roll for each extra try. If all catch attempts fail, the crate is lost. Boarding is from any one vehicle to any other vehicle.

Each grot trukk can hold up to 10 models. A model is either a Grot or an imperial crate.

The contents of imperial crates are random. And since Grots can not read, they do not know if the crate has ammunition or something else. Roll on the following table to check:
  1. Ammunition Explodes - Dead Grot. Roll D6 for all adjacent crates in contact. On a 1-3 that crate explodes. Grots in base contact with additional crates make S5 toughness save or die.
  2. Imperial Rations
  3. Space Marine Armor Lubricant
  4. Hive Fashions Monthly
  5. Ammuniton (1 pt.)
  6. Ammunition (2 pts.)
Crates can either be checked in game, during the action phase. Or left unchecked until the game is over.

Other actions, not listed may performed by making a leadership check with an appropriate modifier.

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