Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mordheim Table

Here was a table layout I had intended to use for Mordheim.

The table is 4x8 and ended up being a bit sparse for Mordheim. Still, I'm keeping this table setup for a while so I can get some games of Tomorrow's War in. Also, it is a great table for Grot commandos to spar over.

Looking at it, I have enough terrain for a 4x4 table of Mordheim. Given the number of people interested in playing Mordheim, I'll need a whole lot more. Granted, other players will be bringing their stuff, but I think I'll need to provide a dense 4x8 setup. So, with need for more terrain, I started scratching building some.

This piece is rather long, it is about 30 inches in length, 4+ inches in depth and three stories. The initial cardboard construction was rather fast. Adding in the wood support details and stucco has slowed things down a lot. Like a lot of real med/ren era city blocks, the houses here are built one next to the other. Now instead of building a bunch of different small buildings that could be pushed together, I went for one large on. I'll only be doing this once, (maybe twice) as I like the modular buildings. But my reasoning here was thus, building one large one should get together a bit faster and I can add in special design features that would be more difficult in a modular setup.

The main feature here is that a model can go from one end of the building to the other without leaving the building. But it is not a straight shot, the model has to go up and down and twist around. Models can also enter the back and come out the front. Plus it will have some dead ends and secret rooms. The ability to move 30 inches and never leave cover is a boon for warbands in Mordheim.

Lastly, here is a picture of some odds and ends useful for Morheim.

Barrels, crates, furniture, and assorted medieval stuff helps fill out a Mordhiem board. A lot of work can go into putting the small stuff out. It often goes unnoticed when playing. Though it is worth the effort as one really notices the lack of such things.

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