Monday, November 1, 2010

Aeronef Halloween Scenario

Here is a simple little scenario for Aeronef in the spirit of Halloween.

Background and Victory:

An alliance of nations has tracked down a rogue Austro-Hungarian battleship The Nosferatu. The alliance has caught up with it just before it reached its home port. The alliance player needs to destroy the Nosferatu without losing a non-US ship. The A.H. player needs to keep the Nosferatu afloat to win. Any other result is a draw. When the Nosfertu is destroyed, the rest of the Austro-Hungarian forces surrender.

Alliance Forces:

Texas class Battleship USS Quincy Morris
De Ruyter class Heavy cruiser HNLMS Van Helsing
Benbow class Battleship HMS Jonathan Harker
Audacious class Battlecruiser HMS John Seward
Exeter class Cruiser HMS Arthur Holmwood

Austro_Hungarian Forces:

Szent István class Battleship The Nosferatu
5x Huszár class Destroyer Gypsy Destroyers
Raevski class Aerial Redoubt Dracula's Castle

Setup and Special Rules:

A 4x4 board should be sufficient and set up like a remote area of the Carpathian Mountains. Dracula’s castle should be located on a center line 6 inches from the eastern edge. One Huszar destroy should be placed with it. The Nosferatu should be placed 12 inches from western edge along the same center line. The USS Quincy Morris may be placed anywhere on the western table edge. The rest of ships move onto the board on turn 2. That placement is the movement for those ships. The Alliance forces start anywhere on the western edge. 2 of the Huszar destroyers may be placed anywhere on the northern edge and the other 2 may be place anywhere on the southern edge. The Austro-Hungarian ships may not move off the edge of the board. All other ships may but are removed from play. They are not considered destroyed if they do so.


This scenario is based on the climax of Dracula with each ‘Nef being a character from that scene. It was somewhat of a struggle to come up with good mix of ships for the Alliance. I started with having the USS Quincy Morris be a Texas class battleship as Quincy Morris was from Texas in the book. Also, I put in the Aerial Redoubt as Dracula’s castle for the reason that, as Dracula’s castle is a place of power for him in the book, it should be so for him the scenario as well.

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