Friday, October 1, 2010

Some 28mm Sci-Fi Comparisons

While waiting to get my hands on AE-Bounty (another article) I’ve been building up my collection of non-GW 28mm Sci-Fi figures. My current purchases are an eclectic collection with figures from Regiment Games, Four A Miniatures, Darkson Designs, Pig Iron Productions, and Zombie Smith (links at end of article). All the figures are top notch. They all required minimal cleaning, have a nice dynamic about their sculpting, and are well proportioned. I would recommend them to anyone.

Below is a picture I took comparing a selection of miniatures from the above ranges. Now I realize the usefulness of such a picture is limited. Even among humans we have a wide variety sizes and once we toss in the alien and mutant, things get even further eschew. Couple that with the fact these figures will mostly be used in skirmish or squad level games, who cares how well they scale together? It is not like we are comparing ancient Romans for a legion – a group of people most likely from the same region and fairly homogenous. Still, there is some intangible use for such a picture. It shows these figure do feel ‘right’ when used together.

The measurement scale was placed to start at the top of the base. Each figure's base is practically the same height. The only problem, both the Pig Iron and Regiment Games figures have cast on bases. The thicker bases on the Regiment games figures slightly skew the comparison, but isn’t that big a deal. The Pig Iron base is relativity thin and is almost no factor at all.

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