Friday, March 5, 2010

Update - Junk Town and NKE

I've been busy painting up figures for my Dark Heresy campaign as well as being out of town so I haven't had a chance for an update. Hopefully this weekend I will take some pictures of the miniatures that have appeared so far.

Junk Town

As I said in a previous Junk Town log, I need to make some bigger buildings. Well, I've got some bigger buildings in the works and maybe get some pictures of those today. I have two sets of connected market stalls in the works, plus a row of housing, a large modular bar, and a tower building. The row of housing is intended a table side while the tower building is a multistory building that would could be used as a security station for police or maybe some kind of market authority.

I’ve been holding off on painting structures I’ve already built as I plan on adding additional detail to them. And I need to find items for that. Detail is needed to make any building look good. Even sterile buildings of the Tau and Eldar benefit from detail – small things that tell the viewer someone uses these. I think the key to having ramshackle buildings look well is an overload of detail - things that show the hard use, quick fixes, and lack of planning. Plus the owner of a ramshackle building most likely would find value in things otherwise would just toss. So having a collection of stuff in and around the ramshackle building would also add to the look of the building.

In addition to buildings, I will have some permanent denizens of the Junk Town. These are miniatures in my collection for which I have no other use. Things I failed to sell. Currently they are ugly monsters from the 80’s TSR miniatures line. I may put some on bases to move around, but most will be store keepers and what not that will be attached to a building.


I finally found the spears for these guys and now I need to find my pine-vise. In the meantime, I have cleaned up some archers and I have primed them. I will painted these in the same manner as my spearmen.

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