Friday, February 5, 2010

Painting an Egyptian Part I

Right now I'm in the middle of a big project involving ancients and currently I am painting up Old Glory New Kingdom Egyptians. After I read a post on the TMP about mass painting ancients I wondered exactly how fast (or slow) my method was going to be. So I decided to time myself. Now I’ve not bothering to time priming, basing, assembly, or protective coating. But I will time painting. I’m not being overly accurate here. I look at the clock when I start and finish for 10 figures.

Now to make this actually a useful posting and give me a reference if I ever have to duplicate this effort in a year or so, I will include a list of the paints I used and the steps I took.

Step 1: Priming
Primed white with Krylon white primer
Step 2: Linen
Linen painted with Graveyard Earth

Normally I paint 'inside' to out. I start on the flesh and work my way to the weapons. But here, since I was going to be using dry brushing on the linen only, that is where I started. Basically I did the messy bit first.

Stages of Linen
Moving from left to Right: 
  1. I base coated the linen with GW Graveyard Earth. (15 minutes)
  2. I dry-brush the line with an off-white. Here I use Vallejo Bone White.
  3. (5 minutes)After letting that dry (time not counted), I ink the linen with GW Devlan mud. (5 minutes)
  4. After letting the ink dry (time not counted), I dry-brush the linen again with the bone mixed with white. ( 5 minutes)
The linen will be finished with a final highlight at the end. This will let me cover any mistakes.

Step 3: Flesh
Moving from left to right:
  1. From last step.
  2. I base coat the flesh with GW Tallarn Flesh. (18 minutes)
  3. After letting that dry (time not counted), I ink the linen with GW Devlan mud. (4 minutes)
  4. After letting the ink dry (time not counted), I highlight the flesh again with Tallarn Flesh. ( 8 minutes)
Flesh Finished.
Part 1 Wrap-up:
Not bad progress for one hour. Of course, I can't sit for an hour straight painting. I have to get up and move around. So that makes this a day project. In the next part, I will paint the weapons, shields, and head gear. And I hope to finish up in part 3 with basing and protective coating for the whole unit. This will include the previous 10 I had painted up.

The painting scheme used here is based on one from my friend Adam. It is the scheme he used to paint my Hebrews for me minus an extra flesh highlight. I skipped that highlight to make my Egyptians a shade darker then my Hebrews. The Hebrews Adam painted can be seen elsewhere in this blog.


Bed Linens said...

I am soooooo impressed! Your talent is amazing!
Keep up the creative work.

twhitty said...

Thanks! Though it is less talent and more practice...and lots of advice.