Monday, January 25, 2010

E-ville Challenge Part 2

Robin pretty much had an epic fail with his challenge of me here: E-ville Smack Down. But I will now revise the challenge in a simpler form that even he could manage - a battle between his Tau and my Imperial Guard.

1. 1000 point battle in about two weeks

2. 1500 point battle in about a month

3. 2000 point battle in about a month and a half.

4. Build terrain piece out of junk - two new pieces for each battle.

These three battles will take place on a fallen away human world around a dirty space port like Mos Eisley or some similar. Buildings such as found on this TMP thread would also be good and make great inspiration for #4 above. I would see the space port being rather eclectic if used by multiple aliens as each alien would bring and use their own style of buildings - Tau, Kroot, Vespid, Nicassar, Demiurg, Gue'vesa, etc.

The rules, all battles will be fought using the standard 40k rules. Terrain built for this challenge should be made mostly out of junk. No hard formal rules here for terrain building as coolness factor will be the overriding concern. The guiding principle would be a piece made mostly from scrape with detail bits from any source.

1 comment:

Crimson Fist said...

So how is this any different from any of the challenges or games you have leaked out on before now?

Also, this will require you to actually paint some figures instead of just continually re-sorting them in your basement. Sure you can handle that?

Oh, and I almost forgot, you'll actually have to play! No excuses, it is your challenge after all. How would that look, you leaking out on your own challenge? You had a chance to play this weekend and passed it up. You know the Imperium shoots deserters!