Friday, March 6, 2009

GW Website

Ok, I was annoyed today. I surfed over to the GW website and got the following:

So I sent the following email to their customer service:

Dear GW,

As a long time customer, I find the new splash screen on the US Website with the following:

"We recommend the following browser. For the fastest, smoothest web browsing
experience, we recommend the following supported browsers,"

to be rather distasteful. How would you like it if I went into a hobby store carrying my GW figures and was told "for the most fun, most enjoyable war game play Warmachine, Star Wars, or Wargods?"

I say, instead of having your website pass the buck on poor performance, find website developers that will optimize your US website for one of the most popular web browsers in the US, Internet Explorer.


Thomas Whitten


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

In the web design community, IE is generally considered to be a sub standard product. While it might be a bit tacky to post a browser suggestion on their site, this has little to do with GW and a lot to do with MS.

Katz said...

God take a pill man. Did you wet yourself too? 8)

Evernevermore said...

Well one reason is the simple fact that Internet explorer is not as fast, efficient, or stable as the others. There is a reason its known as "Internet Exploder" among IT people. Just because a lot of people use it does not mean its any good, just common

twhitty said...

Two good replies and Katz.