Thursday, October 16, 2008

Old Glory Pre-Painted Romans (b)


I picked up both types of Romans, but still I have no full review. I'm hosting a big game this weekend and I've been getting ready for that. But, I've handled the figures more and I'll list out what I dislike and what I like about the figures.

Primarily I don't like the shields. As one can see from the picture, the banding or edge of the shield is painted yellow. I would prefer bronze. Also, the way the shields are packed mean I'll have to do little touchups.

I am lukewarm on the shield transfer. I'd rather not add them myself but they are nice and it gives me the chance to add my own if I like. And since transfers are one of those things that one can whip out once one has practice it is not that big a chore.

The figures themselves are nicely painted. It is a darker paint job with shading and subtle highlights. They match well with my other Old Glory figures and are actually nicer figures then older O.G. Romans (both types).

Weighing all the things I mentioned above, I still think the O.G. Pre-Painted Romans are a good buy. Of course, everything I said is subjective so it might not be that helpful to someone still undecided about purchasing the figures. Initially, I was a little hesitant when I made my purchase. I don't know how they would turn out and I hoped they looked the same as in the pictures on the O.G. site. And if there is anything useful one can take away from this review it is this - the paint jobs you get are the same as what you see in the picture (maybe a bit better).

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twhitty said...

As a side note, the guys at the Wednesday night group are pretty pumped by figures and are starting to save up to get some WAB armies.