Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Tale of 5.5 Gamers - Delays

Real Life - 1
Tale of 5.5 Gamers - 0

The 1st Tale of 5.5 Gamers battle is now October 1st. Here is the list reasons, or as it should be called:

The List of Woe
  • Ray was gone half of last month because of Army commitments.
  • Adam had to move to an apartment and help his parents move from Wisconsin to Georgia.
  • Robin and Chad didn't have a good portion of their forces.
So, I ended up slacking off. Sorta. My Hittites fell behind, but I put together a 500 point loaner army of Neo-Babaloyians. Hopefully, I will get some pictures soon. These were made from Old Glory, Castaway Arts, and Eureka miniatures.

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